Why Chose SFI???

SFI has a thorough and unique understanding of the CRM market – in particular consumer affairs.

We have a strong commitment to creative and practical solutions that benefit both our customers, and our customers’ customers.

We are an experienced team that continually invests in R&D to ensure product improvement and integration with the latest technologies.

SFI has dedicated technical professionals who are committed to delivering on-going support and guaranteed transaction availability.

We have developed an extensive high profile client list that use our CRM solutions successfully.

Through SFI International you can:

● Gain and strengthen customer loyalty
● Provide better personalised service to customers
● Gain greater understanding and knowledge of your customers
● Differentiate yourself from the competition

The SFI Advantage

We bring the following qualities and experience to all of our projects and for all of our clients:

● On-going R&D to improve products and integrate new technologies
● Experienced project management team to ensure successful implementations
● Experience in successfully adapting our software for varying business cultures
● Commitment to creative solutions
● Commitment to our customers and to their customers


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