How to make money with SFI !?

SFI is a network marketing business and is affiliated with the Triple Clicks store.

As an SFI Affiliate, our role is to generate sales at the Triple Clicks store for which we are getting paid in multiple ways. These ways of being paid are well outlined in the compensation plan…

As you can see from the compensation plan, there are multiple ways to earn money and they are related to our Status with SFI… Either being an Affiliate, an Executive Affiliate, an Executive Affiliate 2, or being a Team Leader such as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. And, these Status are determined by the number of Versa Points (VPs) that we are generating ourselves and through our team during a specific month. And, to earn these VPs, we need to do some regular actions and/or make some sales for which we are getting a determined number of VPs.

To be Successful with SFI, you need to follow these SFI Basic 3 Steps; look them up here…

1- To be Successful with SFI, you need to be CONSISTENT in logging in everyday, even for less than an hour, to do all of the activities possible for you to do on your TO-DO List everyday so that you can gather all the possible VPs made available to you, register for the Daily Grand in which you can earn some great freebies, and learn a thing or two by reading some of the info provided by SFI, by participating in the ASK SC and Forum. This is the way for you to generate all the possible VPs you can from your part… and, you want to reach at least the Executive Affiliate Status every month if you are serious about your business.

2- Then, to be able to generate even more VPs, in order to make more money and be successful with SFI, you need to BUILD A TEAM. To build a team, you need to be CONSISTENT in Promoting your Business in any way you can; have a look here for multiple ways to market your business…

The more people you will get on your team, the more VPs you will gather so that you can move up in your Status with SFI which will open up new possible ways of earning for you, and the more sales you will generate at the Triple Clicks store which will increase your commissions.

3- And, finally, you want to duplicate yourself so that the affiliates on your team will do the same thing which will build up your team to even higher level over time and contributes to an even greater success for yourself. This is why it is so fundamental to train and support your team members as much as you can by being the best possible sponsor. And, to become a great sponsor, you first need to do the job yourself to become an example and to always keep on training yourself so that you always become better and better everyday.

I hope it helps clarifying the SFI business itself and How to Be Successful.

Also, you need to remember always that you are building a business… this is not a job; so, it takes time and effort and ultimately… NEVER QUIT!


So in order to be Successful, the question to ponder upon is… Are you a Quitter or a Winner?


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