7 Steps to SFI Success

Staying with the system, reading training materials, reading the forum, and generally
Staying informed with the business is the best guide to this business . Remember SFI is not a “QUICK GET RICH SCHEME” , your dedication and perseverance will determine your success in this business.

1. This is my business, and I am going to treat it like my business. My business requires an investment of time and money, just like any other venture. I am prepared to accept that and put in the necessary effort to see results.

2. I have been logging in every day to make sure that I keep informed about my business. If I had a coffee shop, or a hardware store, I would need to go there everyday, especially when starting up. This business is no different.

3. I need to advertise my business everyday. Whether it is paid advertising or free advertising, this needs to be done. I do not have a storefront in a mall that people walk by everyday, so I need to promote my business some other way, and SFI provides lots of tools for that.

4. I will treat my affiliates as my customers, because that is what they are. I answer all their emails as best I can, and any new affiliates always get a new affiliate greeting from me. I always send them an email when they have achieved EA status or higher. Communication with my affiliates is vitally important. I use the PSA and CSA mailer consistently, and I use the Team Talk on a regular basis. If all my Team Talk messages are from the president instead of myself, I’m not doing my job in helping my affiliates.

5. I keep a standing order for at least 1500VP each month so I don’t lose my EA status….and I get an extra 2 entries in the Daily Grand Drawings and 2 CSA’s every month. I look at my standing order as rent I have to pay to keep my store open and my shelves stocked with product.

6. The past does not equal the future. Whatever I tried in the past that didn’t work doesn’t mean something else in the future won’t. If I do nothing, I can expect nothing. If I quit, I lose.

7. This is not a get rich quick business. It takes time to build relationships that produces results. It takes patience, persistance, and passion. How can I help you?
You have your own store called Tripleclicks that has over 100,000 items that you could sell to prospective clients.
Your business is to advertise that store to as many people and places that you can.
You earn a 45% commission on most things any of your customers buy, and you earnVP.


How to make money with SFI !?

SFI is a network marketing business and is affiliated with the Triple Clicks store.

As an SFI Affiliate, our role is to generate sales at the Triple Clicks store for which we are getting paid in multiple ways. These ways of being paid are well outlined in the compensation plan…


As you can see from the compensation plan, there are multiple ways to earn money and they are related to our Status with SFI… Either being an Affiliate, an Executive Affiliate, an Executive Affiliate 2, or being a Team Leader such as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. And, these Status are determined by the number of Versa Points (VPs) that we are generating ourselves and through our team during a specific month. And, to earn these VPs, we need to do some regular actions and/or make some sales for which we are getting a determined number of VPs.

To be Successful with SFI, you need to follow these SFI Basic 3 Steps; look them up here…

1- To be Successful with SFI, you need to be CONSISTENT in logging in everyday, even for less than an hour, to do all of the activities possible for you to do on your TO-DO List everyday so that you can gather all the possible VPs made available to you, register for the Daily Grand in which you can earn some great freebies, and learn a thing or two by reading some of the info provided by SFI, by participating in the ASK SC and Forum. This is the way for you to generate all the possible VPs you can from your part… and, you want to reach at least the Executive Affiliate Status every month if you are serious about your business.

2- Then, to be able to generate even more VPs, in order to make more money and be successful with SFI, you need to BUILD A TEAM. To build a team, you need to be CONSISTENT in Promoting your Business in any way you can; have a look here for multiple ways to market your business…



The more people you will get on your team, the more VPs you will gather so that you can move up in your Status with SFI which will open up new possible ways of earning for you, and the more sales you will generate at the Triple Clicks store which will increase your commissions.

3- And, finally, you want to duplicate yourself so that the affiliates on your team will do the same thing which will build up your team to even higher level over time and contributes to an even greater success for yourself. This is why it is so fundamental to train and support your team members as much as you can by being the best possible sponsor. And, to become a great sponsor, you first need to do the job yourself to become an example and to always keep on training yourself so that you always become better and better everyday.

I hope it helps clarifying the SFI business itself and How to Be Successful.

Also, you need to remember always that you are building a business… this is not a job; so, it takes time and effort and ultimately… NEVER QUIT!


So in order to be Successful, the question to ponder upon is… Are you a Quitter or a Winner?

Let’s make a great Team!!!

Hi, my name is Nemanja Miletic.

If you decide to join SFI I will become your sponsor, and I will help u to start your own home business.

For starters click on image below to register on SFI

After registration u can contact me via e-mail (jovanamiletic55@gmail.com) , mesage in SFI or add me on FB for fastest help ( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010897236406 )

After successfull registration , I am going to help you setup your profile. Then, we are going to make a plan of our future partnership.

Why Chose SFI???

SFI has a thorough and unique understanding of the CRM market – in particular consumer affairs.

We have a strong commitment to creative and practical solutions that benefit both our customers, and our customers’ customers.

We are an experienced team that continually invests in R&D to ensure product improvement and integration with the latest technologies.

SFI has dedicated technical professionals who are committed to delivering on-going support and guaranteed transaction availability.

We have developed an extensive high profile client list that use our CRM solutions successfully.

Through SFI International you can:

● Gain and strengthen customer loyalty
● Provide better personalised service to customers
● Gain greater understanding and knowledge of your customers
● Differentiate yourself from the competition

The SFI Advantage

We bring the following qualities and experience to all of our projects and for all of our clients:

● On-going R&D to improve products and integrate new technologies
● Experienced project management team to ensure successful implementations
● Experience in successfully adapting our software for varying business cultures
● Commitment to creative solutions
● Commitment to our customers and to their customers

What is SFI

SFI stands for “Strong Future International Marketing Group,” and it’s one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world.

Starting with just one product, sold only in the United States, SFI has grown to more than 90,000 products and services (and growing daily) sold in more than 190 countries around the world.


SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access the opportunity to tap into the worldwide e-commerce revolution. Anyone of legal age in his or her country can become an SFI affiliate for free by filling out an online registration form. There is no obligation or purchase requirements of any kind.
Once registered, affiliates are provided with professional Websites for marketing SFI’s products on the Internet. SFI also provides all necessary sale support services, such as customer service, payment processing, and product shipment – all at no cost to the affiliate. For each sale generated, SFI pays the referring affiliate a commission. Additional commissions can be earned by building and leading affiliate groups.

The mark of a successful company can be seen in its track record. SFI is now in its 17th year, with millions of dollars in annual sales and millions paid in commissions to thousands of affiliates around the world. SFI’s parent company, Carson Services, Inc., is now in its 26th year of business and is registered with Dun and Bradstreet. SFI affiliates operate with the peace of mind brought about by associating with a proven, debt-free organization with a long, successful history.